My Best Buy - Giorno Felice 28cm Beige IH Wok Pan Ceramic Non-Stick Stir Frypan Induction

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Giorno Felice IH Wok Pan 28cm Ceramic Non-Stick Stir Frypan Induction - Beige


Giorno Felice IH 28cm non-stick Wok Pan harnesses Korean technology, featuring an innovative oil-road pattern layer that ensures even oil distribution, reducing the need for excess. Moreover, it adds a vibrant splash of trendy color to your kitchen.

It is proudly crafted in South Korea, demonstrating its versatility by working flawlessly with all types of stoves, allowing you to prepare a diverse range of dishes. With its 9.6cm height, you can conquer stir-fry and simmering hot stews.

Cleaning up is a breeze, thanks to the non-stick ceramic coating and the clever oil-road design, which simplifies the process and promotes healthier cooking.

What's more, the handle guarantees comfort and ease during your culinary adventures.

Start from low or medium heat
Do not recommend using sharp kitchen tools made with stainless steel
Do not recommend cooking sticky honey, caramelized sugar
Do not recommend an empty wok pan on the heat resource
Use oil when cooking
Recommend utensils: nylon, wood, silicone

Included when the connection studs are separated from the body or when the handle is partially broken due to manufacturing defects, a compatible product handle/stud will be given for fixing if the original part is unavailable.

The warranty does not apply to the coating.
Negligence/ firepower misuse.


Product Features:

  • Non-stick performance
  • Multi-coating technology
  • Ceramic coating
  • Oil-road pattern top requires less oil usage
  • Fast thermal conductivity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable grip; unhot handle
  • Easy to hang
  • Available for electric and Induction cooking
  • Available for most heat sources: gas, halogen, ceramic glass.


Product Included:

  • 1 x Wok Pan


Product Specification:

Brand: Giorno Felice
Item Type: Wok Pan
Country: South Korea
Inner Diameter: 28cm
Height: 9.6cm
Handle Length: 18cm
Coating: Non-stick ceramic
Material: Aluminium
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 47cm x 29cm x 9.6cm
Shape: Round