My Best Buy - Giorno Felice 34cm Round IH Griddle Pan Ceramic Non-Stick Camping Korean Stew

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Giorno Felice IH Griddle Pan 34cm Ceramic Non-Stick Camping Korean Stew Round


Introducing the IH Korean-Made Griddle, a culinary innovation that will revolutionize your cooking. This adaptable griddle effortlessly caters to different cooking styles, whether you're in the comfort of your home, enjoying the outdoors while camping, or utilizing an induction cooktop.

Simplify your cooking with this all-in-one solution. It replaces multiple pans for grilling, stir-frying, cooking Korean stew, and serving. Enjoy exceptional thermal conductivity, keeping your dishes warm and flavourful, perfect for camping. It also features an innovative oil-road pattern layer that ensures even oil distribution that promotes healthy cooking.

Moreover, cleanup is effortless with the non-stick ceramic coating and precision-pointed pouring rim for easy oil or water pouring.

Looking for a great gift? Our Griddle comes nicely packaged, making it an excellent choice for housewarmings and special occasions, and its vibrant colour is sure to leave a lasting impression on your friends and family.

Please be cautious; the handles can get extremely hot during cooking, so consider using kitchen gloves for protection. For further usage instructions, please refer to the listing photo.


Product Features:

  • Made in South Korea, high quality
  • Long-lasting heat, experience superior thermal conductivity
  • Available for most heat sources: gas, halogen, ceramic glass
  • Available for electric and Induction cooking
  • Suitable for camping
  • Non-stick ceramic coating
  • Oil-road pattern top requires less oil usage
  • Caution to hot handle
  • Nice packaging as gift
  • Pointed pouring rim, easy to pour


Product Included:

  • 1 x Griddle


Product Specification:

Brand: Giorno Felice
Item Type: IH Griddle
Country: South Korea
Inner Diameter: 34cm
Coating: Non-stick ceramic
Material: Aluminum
Overall Dimensions (L x W): 41.8cm x 36cm
Capacity: Max 2L; Recommended 1.5L
Weight: 1.3kg