My Best Buy -Trackimo and Tracki waterproof magnetic box and 3500mAh battery

Original Price $99.95
Current Price $49.95

Experience unprecedented protection waterproof magnetic box plus free 3500mAh battery - enough to last up to 6 weeks!

The box is designed to be durable and strong, with an extra-powerful magnet and special slots for attachment to animals, cargo, boats, construction equipment and more.

With the special 3G/4G Universal tracker settings, you can set the tracking to once a day, meaning the battery could last from 6 to 12 months!

Includes box, magnet and battery - plus a one year warranty. Easily install - just remove the 600mAh battery that comes with the Universal Trackimo and plug the 3500mAh battery in its place.

Charge for 13 hours the first time, then securely snap the box shut - and you're ready to start tracking!