My Best Buy - 10cm x 1.5m Flexi Strong Waterproof Tape - Super Adhesive Tape Repair tape


Type: My Best Buy - SupaStrong Tape
Item Length: 1.5m
Category: Tapes
Material Type: PU


Item Width: 10cm
Tape Type:: Masking Tape
DIY Supplies:: Plumbing, and everything else...
Color:My Best Buy Black, White, Clear


Black self-adhesive sealing tape made of high quality silicone rubber silicone raw materials, Using special processing. It has a high temperature, anti-cold, impact resistance, good tensile strength, High breakdown voltage, waterproof features, a wide range,



It can be applied in complex and harsh environments. Product Features Product safety apply more than 10 years, excellent anti-aging properties. Has a stain, anti hydrochloride acid, anti-UV, anti-arc, Ozone resistance, cold, heat, high pressure and so on.