Introducing My Best Buy TrackimoVehicle 4G - The all-in-one vehicle Tracking device for your peace of mind

Original Price $399.00
Current Price $229.95

Stay secure with Trackimo – the world's leading heavy-duty GPS tracker used by industry-leaders like UPS, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Vodafone, Telefonica, and the US military.

What's so special? Proprietary, patented 4G technology – way ahead of outdated 3G – plus it works right out of the box, indoors and out.

Track cars, trucks, generators, field equipment, shipments, drones, and more! Get alerts for movement, speed, and geographic boundaries.

Faster CPUs, more accurate GPS chips, five-year history logs, & a 30-day money back guarantee. Plus customer support and batteries that last up to 30 days in battery-saving mode.

Your package includes one Trackimo Universal with built-in SIM card & a Hardwire kit for cars & boats – free postage included!