Feel true power and superior visibility with My Best Buy’s Pair 4 inch Spot LED Work Light Bars


This superior 4WD 4X4 LED work light bar provides an optimal lighting experience with its superior features: genuine LUMILEDS Lumen on 3030 2D 1w (P/N: L130-5770003000W21), 5700K colour temp., 20 LED count, 12V/24V voltage, optical grade Lexan lens material, 2,150 lumens, 81560 cd peak intensity,

Durable A360.0 cast faceplate/extruded aluminium heat sink, 1.1A/0.55A amperes, 50,000 hr lifespan, 10.5° spot beam, IP68 ingress protection, and -40℃ to 60℃ operating temp.

The package contains two 4" lights and comes with FREE Postage - arrive within 2-12 business days to any address - plus we won't settle for anything less than GENUINE quality!