My Best Buy - Original Deerma Water Spraying Sweeper Floor Cleaner - Carbon Fiber Dust Mops 360 Rotating Rod 350ml water Tank...

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1. Mopping the floor while spraying water.
2. ≤ 2mL fine mist 0.1 second micro-wet cleaning.
3. 95cm wide spray area, wider range of mopping, efficient and time saving.
4. Only 750g is light and convenient.
5. 0.35L portable water tank, one water fill, can complete 100sqm of cleaning area.
6. Carbon fiber lock dust
7. Three-layer absorption pads will make sure any stain will be moped with ease
6. Can be rotated 360°, no dead angle, deep cleaning , is now simple...
7. 1.2m mop rod, clean floors and walls just switch at will.
8. ABS material handle, comfortable grip.
9. Steel pipe mop rod, wear resistant and fall resistant.
10.1second to complete the water tank installation, convenient and fast.




Product Name: Water spray mop
Shell material: ABS/PP
Rod material: stainless steel
Mop material: fast cotton carbon fiber
Water storage bottle capacity: 350ml
Product expansion size: 1240*355*120mm/48.82*13.98*4.72
Size: 3550*120mm/139.76*4.72,



Package Includes:

1 x Mop, 

1 x Replaceable Cloth, 

1 x Water Tank, 

1 x English User Manual