My Best Buy - Must Have - Magic Gloves, Brush Gloves - Dishwashing and General Cleaning Silicone Gloves with Brush Palm technology.

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Brand: Magic Gloves

Weight: >140g
Model Number: HEA-4227
Thickness: Thick
Outer Material: Rubber
Usage: Dish Washing
Material: SILICONE
Material: Food grade silicone
Size: 34*13cm


Model Number: Home & Garden
Kitchen gloves: magic gloves
Washing dishes gloves: gloves cleaning
Quantity: A pair
Temperature resistance: - 60 ℃ - 250 ℃
Magic Sponge Gloves: Kitchen washing Gloves
Car Wash Gloves: Scrub Gloves
Dishwashing Gloves: Silicone Gloves
pet glove: pet grooming
scrubber brush: car wash brush