My Best Buy - Karrera 6 String Resonator Banjo - Black

Producing a clear loud crisp sound, this professionally crafted and finished instrument will be sure to impress.

This 6-string resonator banjo, also known as a guitar banjo, is gaining popularity among musicians for its versatility and well-rounded tone. It's the ideal accompaniment for jazz, folk and bluegrass music, as well as many other genres.

The body, fretboard and bridge are crafted from high-quality wood, creating an instrument that looks as great as it sounds. You can be assured this instrument is built to last and will give you many years of great service.

  • 6-string resonator banjo
  • High-Gloss finish
  • 20 frets 41cm fretboard
  • 80cm overall size
  • Worm-drive geared tuners
  • 24 Resonator brackets
  • Steel Armrest