My Best Buy - Karrera 5 String Resonator Banjo - Black

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Producing a clear, loud and bright sound, this professionally crafted and finished instrument will be sure to impress.

This 5-string resonator banjo is great for playing folk music, as well as other genres like bluegrass and country. The body, fretboard and bridge are crafted from high-quality wood, creating an instrument that will last (and play beautifully) for years.

Expand your musical horizons today with the Karrera 5-string banjo!

  • 5-string resonator banjo
  • High-Gloss finish
  • 20 fret 41cm fretboard
  • 80cm overall size
  • worm-drive geared tuners
  • 19 brackets
  • Steel Armrest
  • 1 x Banjo - Black