My Best Buy - Giselle Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper Mattress Toppers w/ Bamboo Cover 5cm QUEEN

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Add an extra layer of comfort to your mattress with our premium Giselle Bedding cool gel swirl infused memory foam mattress topper. Our high-density memory foam mattress topper is infused with swirls of gel that are dispersed throughout the foam for cosier sleep. It offers a comforting granular feeling, conforms to your body shape, distributes weight evenly, and regulates heat build-up that keeps you cool and comfortable while you're fast asleep. Our cool gel swirl infused memory foam mattress comes with an eco-friendly bamboo fabric cover that's gentler than other manmade fibres and prevents you from developing any allergies. It's a perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. The Giselle Bedding cool gel swirl infused memory foam mattress topper features over 1000 supporting points that relieve pressure, reduce body aches, and provide the support you need. The anti-skid base of the mattress topper prevents the topper from slipping and offers enough grip to stay in place. So enjoy a fluffier, snuggly, and cooler sleeping surface – sweet dreams!

5cm thickness
Cool gel swirl infused memory foam
High-density foam
Eco-friendly bamboo fabric cover
Over 1000 supporting points
Even weight distribution
Body heat dissipation
Body shape contouring
Cooler sleeping surface
Anti-skid base
Vacuum packed in the box

Cover: Bamboo cover
Filling: Cool gel swirl memory foam
Queen dimension: 203cm x 153cm x 5cm
Assembly required: No
Number of packages: 1

Package Content
1 x Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress Topper