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With Spring in the air, it's once again time to get out to the backyard. Forget about the laborious tasks of weeding, fertilizing and cleaning by hand – the Giantz Spot Sprayer turns your chores into an effortless job. This delivery system fits comfortably on your back for total mobility, and the large tank has a 15L capacity. The self-priming pump maintains 145psi which makes short work of your spraying. Use the spot sprayer to water the garden, spread fertilizer, dispense herbicides and pesticides, care for livestock, or do general spray cleaning around the home. The 76cm stainless steel sprayer can be used left or right-handed, has easy pressure control and features four nozzle heads for each unique job: a fan nozzle, a 4-hole nozzle, a conical nozzle and a double nozzle. It features a trigger lock to prevent unwanted spraying. Fill the tank from the 17cm opening with the integrated strainer, then seal with the anti-spill lid. Compact and portable, the Giantz Spot Sprayer makes caring for your garden easier than ever.

15L Backpack Sprayer
Four nozzle types: fan nozzle/4-hole nozzle/conical nozzle/double nozzle
760mm spray gun with stainless steel lance
Spray lance with trigger lock
Anti-spill screw lid and strainer with handle storage
Adjustable padded straps
Left or right side pump handle

Weight: 3.67kg
Dimensions: W:170mm H:530mm L:340mm
Capacity: 15 Litres
Colour: White and Red

Package Content
1 x Pressure Backpack Water Sprayer

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