My Best Buy - Get Protection from Harmful UV Rays. Arctic Hat is your Best friend - Keeps you cool while protecting you

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Bucket Hat is the new hat that combines controlled evaporation cooling and UV protection from the sun's visible and invisible rays..

Arctic Hat's evaporative cooling inner liner retains cool water and slowly evaporates to keep your head up 20°F cooler. Simply wet the inner lining and put on the hat! Get instant relief from the heat and stay cool for hours.

Arctic Hat also has a built-in radiant barrier to deflect and block 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays and reflects 80% of the sun's heat. Arctic Hat is made from a durable, breathable and lightweight construction. The same technology is used by professional athletes, the US military, and emergency services. Best of all, Cool Bucket Hat is adjustable, so one size fits most! Perfect for the whole family!